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The Department of Chemical Engineering of the Universitat de València is the body responsible for the PhD Program and belongs to the School Higher Technical Engineering (ETSEUV). The research laboratories of the different teams that make up this Doctoral Program belong to this Department. The Department of Chemical Engineering provides support to the Doctorate Program with :

  • Human resources : 3 members of the administration staff and 3 members of the technical staff of the laboratory (all of them with part-time work in doctorate); and
  • General services : provision of technical gases, compressed air and deionized water and distilled water to all research laboratories. It also has a well-stocked workshop commonly used for all research groups. The specific material resources of each research team are described below.

Laboratories and Seminars

  • The Department of Chemical Engineering is equipped with its own research laboratories, with a total of about 630 m 2 divided into 9 spaces of 70 m 2 as well as three pilot water purification equipment installed in the wastewater treatment station El Carraixet ( Alboraya , Valencia). All the equipment described in the verification report continue to be operational, and in recent years new equipment has been acquired based on the new research projects that the groups have carried out from the academic year 2013-2014 to the last ones awarded in 2018. The laboratories are distributed in the following lines of investigation:
    • Wastewater Treatment: 3 laboratories, 1 analytical instrumentation, another pilot plant and microbiology, and a third with a thermostat camera adapted for research in microalgae with pilot assemblies.
    • Treatment of gaseous emissions and elimination of heavy metals in water: 3 laboratories, the first one of analytical instrumental, the second includes 10 pilot plants, and the last one has instrumental specific for the application of molecular biology techniques in the identification of microorganisms.
    • Experimental determination of thermodynamic properties: It has 2 laboratories with 3 equipment for the determination of thermodynamic equilibria with numerous laboratory instruments and associated analytical.
    • Heterogeneous catalysis: It has a laboratory equipped with 4 complete equipment of catalytic assays in gas phase, and numerous instrumental and associated laboratory equipment.
  • The Department of Chemical Engineering has 1 free-use seminars and 3 shared offices to accommodate between 3 and 8 doctoral students, with the necessary basic equipment.
  • The Department of Chemical Engineering provides general services: supply of technical gases, compressed air and deionized water to all research laboratories. It also has administration and specialized services (3 research technicians) who provide continuous support to the department's research laboratories.
  • Commercial alliances are available for the use of software dedicated to research: Matlab, Polymath , Mathcad , AutoCAD, Aspen Plus, Hysys , and access to databases ( Dortmunt Data Bank).