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The doctoral program is structured through the line of transversal research "Interdisciplinary Research in Gender, Subjectivity and Equality Policies", which covers different areas of knowledge in Social Sciences, Humanities, and Health Sciences. The research topics are linked to the two research groups of the University Institute for Women's Studies, recognized by the UVEG.

1. Research Group: Género, Conocimiento, Historia y Subjetividad (GECOHIS), GIUV 2014-203

  • Women's citizenship, politics and equality
  • History of women and gender
  • Subjectivity and gender: implications of socio-cultural models in psychological development and health
  • Feminist epistemologies

2. Research Group: Socioeconomic inequalities and public policies with a gender perspective (GENDESPOL), GIUV 2014-202

  • Gender and work relations The right to political participation from a gender perspective.
  • Gender violence.
  • Gender, Human Rights of Women and Citizenship.
  • Gender, interculturality, migrations and development.