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Specific training in gender studies offered by the doctoral programme is essential for a rigorous and innovative contribution to research. This requires that researchers would be able to introduce a gender perspective in the different phases of the research: generating ideas and building gender sensitive hypothesis, by selecting the appropriate methodology in the design phase of the investigation, ensuring equal opportunities in research teams in the implementation phase of the investigation, and analysing data and reporting about them
from a gender-sensitive way, and avoiding linguistic sexism in the results dissemination.

Following the guidelines set by the European Commission and the II National Plan R&D&I, we summarize the training we seek to promote in our programme:

  • Rigorous and critical awareness of the issue of “gender and science” in the various branches of knowledge, encouraging greater sensitivity to the importance of gender perspective in research projects.
  • Skills to design gender-sensitive projects, and developing competitive proposals.
  • Ability to detect gender bias in research projects.
  • Ability to detect the importance of a more relevant social impact of the results.
  • Awareness of the importance of balance in terms of gender in research teams.

It seeks to promote the formation of the best possible research teams, which integrate extremely talented people, to get the utmost validity and utility of the researches.