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The Academic Committee of the Doctoral Programme (CAPD) is the managing body of the doctoral studies programme. This Committee is responsible for approving the joint admission criteria and report and propose the admission of students, and has the skills of setting the training plan, organizing, controlling and evaluating it, ensuring its quality. It is also responsible for meeting the suggestions made by the Quality Committee of the programme and review claims that were submitted by doctoral candidates of the programme through the claim form, which are offered on the website of the doctorate.

The committee consists of the representative of each university in the Agreement  monitoring and control committee (the representative of the UVEG in his capacity as coordinator of the programme and President of the Committee) and ten other doctors of departments of partner programmes.


  • Arciniega García, Luis (UV)
  • Barceló Ruiz, Isabel (UV - PAS)
  • García Mahíques, Rafael (UV)
  • Gómez-Ferrer Lozano, Mercedes (UV)
  • Martín Martínez, José (UV)
  • Rodríguez Moya, Inmaculada (UJI)
  • Serra Desfilis, Amadeo (UV)
  • Vidal Lorenzo, Cristina (UV)