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The Doctoral Programme in History of Art by the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón and the University of Valencia (General Study), which organises it, has been awarded the Excellence Award for the academic years 2011-2012, 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 (Resolution from the Ministry of Education).

Article 3 of the Royal Decree 99/2011, 28 January, by which formal education of doctoral studies are regulated, relating to the structure and the information of the permanence in the doctoral programme.

Article 3. Structure.

  1. The doctoral studies will be organised through programmes, in the way established by the universities’ statutes and according to the criteria established in this royal decree. Such studies will be completed with the elaboration and defense of a doctoral thesis that includes original research results.
  2. The length of the doctoral studies will be of a maximum of three years, full-time, from the entry of the doctoral student to the programme until the presentation of the doctoral thesis.

However, part-time doctoral studies can be taken, if being previously authorised by the academic committee in charge of the programme. In this case, those studies can have a maximum length of five years from the entry to the programme until the presentation of the doctoral thesis.
If the 3-year deadline has expired without presenting the thesis submission application form, the committee in charge of the programme can authorise the extension of the deadline for an additional year, which could be extended as an exeption by another additional year, under the conditions established the corresponding doctoral programme. In the case of part-time studies the extension can be authorised for two more years that, likewise, could be extended for another additional year as an exception.
For the purpose of the calculation of the previous period, sick leaves, maternity leaves or leaves for any other cause provided by the current regulation will not be taken into account.
Likewise, the doctoral student can apply for a temporary withdrawal in the programme for a maximum of one year, extensible to another year. Such application must be addressed and justified to the academic committee in charge of the programme, which will resolve the appropriateness of accepting what requested by the doctoral student.