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The Humanities library, the more closely related to the knowledge area of History of Art, is adjacent to the facilities mentioned, and some sessions related to information resources on the Internet are developed in its training room. The bibliographical catalogue are notable, and the Interlibrary Loan Service allows a quick access to unavailable catalogues. The Information Resources Service is also very noteworthy, which offers a great service on official journals, library catalogues, dictionaries and encyclopaedias digital old repository, thematic resource guides, e-books, e-newspapers, e-journals, UV e-journals through the Open Journal System, the RODERIC institutional repository, doctoral thesis, abstracts, portals and evaluation of journals, etc. We would like to highlight that the Department of Art History has hired highly specific international databases, as the Bibliography History of Art (BHA) and the International Bibliography of Art (IBA), in addition to other databases available in the Humanities section. Access to all these services may be provided to students from anywhere via VPN connection.

The University of Valencia, coordinator of the programme, has centralised services that collaborate in the development of the Doctoral Programme. Among them there is the Professional Placement and Careers Advice Monitoring Centre (OPAL), whose primary mission is to assist employability of the students and graduates of the University of Valencia and improve their career possibilities. It is responsible, among other functions, for coordinating the monitoring of graduate doctors. It gives advice, INFORMS about career opportunities, job centres and start up of businesses, etc.