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Those students who meet these requirements may apply for admission in the research period of the Doctoral Programme in Neurosciences. For that, you should visit the website of the UVEG Postgraduate Service where you will find specific information (News, Pre-registration to the research period of the Doctoral programmes) about the deadlines, documentation and additional requirements. On the same website you can get the official application forms for admission and registration of the Doctoral Thesis project.

The application must provide complete information about the applicant, including his/her personal, academic and professional résumé. Also, the application must include a doctoral thesis project with the approval of a doctor able to lead a doctoral thesis within one of the research lines of the Doctoral Programme.

The body responsible for the admission of students is the Doctoral Studies Academic Committee (CCD), in accordance with the Articles 30 and 35 of the Regulations on the Official Postgraduates Studies of the University of Valencia. Each year, the applications are examined by the CCD. The CCD may admit students coming from a Master’s degree related to Neurosciences but with professional nature. In this case in which the student have a lack of knowledge and competences regarding the scientific research, the CCD may require the student (for the admission in the doctoral research period) the completion of the training module “Introduction to Neuroscience Research” of 15 ETCS credits. If the CCD deems it appropriate the admission process may include an interview with the applicants.