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Programme code: 3127

Regulations: RD 99/2011

Knowledge branch: Health sciences

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Organised by:Departament of Physiology

Management Centre:Postgraduate School

Participant Universities:UV (General Study)

Programme coordinator:Mª Rosario Salvador Palmer

1st year available places:30 plazas

Aims: The Programme in Physiology aims to offer their doctoral students training and academic preparation of Excellence as researchers specialised in Physiology, a fundamental science in the field of Health and whose progresses are the basis for the development of other biomedical fields. To do so, research topics are developed in the most cutting-edge fields of Physiology. This general objective implies, given its experimental science nature, the development or management of lab techniques for the checking of the hypotheses set out, as well as the analysis of the researches carried out by other authors on this issue. Throughout the development of the programme, students will learn to master informational sources both traditional and through new technologies, to apply the scientific method and to exhibit, verbally or written, the outcomes of their research and to acquire a critical view to value their results and other authors’ outcomes.

Description: The Programme started in the academic year 1986-87, has a “quality mention” from the academic year 2004-2005 and nowadays is distinguished with a “mention towards excellence” by the Ministry for Education (from 2011-2012). The Programme responds to the increasing demand of students with interest in the carrying out of the Doctoral Thesis in a field of a great scientific relevance as is the case of Physiology. Those interested students can carry out their Doctoral Thesis in one of the research lines successfully developed in the Department of Physiology of the UV, offered by the research groups of the Department and whose prestige is well-known nationally and internationally, with the development of several projects with public and private funding. These lines cover an important part of the issues of greater impact of the current scientist bibliography, such as cardiovascular physiology, oxidative stress physiology and physiopathology in biomedicine, physiological effect of physical activity, the development of new therapies against cancer and the use of structured light and the analysis of image in biomedicine, among others. With this wide range of options, can be given a response to doctoral students’ initiative to carry out their research in a field of interest. Our students come from the degrees of Medicine, Veterinary, Odontology, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Podiatry, Speech Therapy, Physics, Pharmacy, Biology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences, Food Science and Technology, Physical Activity Sciences, as well as other related degrees, which reflect on the strategic importance of the Programme. With regard to employability, the graduates, with the training they have been provided, apart from achieving a doctoral degree, they can work in consolidated research groups. Moreover, they can work in the direction of research works, setting out issues open to request competitive projects in public and private calls. Students acquire researching skills which enable them to accede to work positions in Universities, highlighting that Physiology is present in several current degrees. Likewise, they can opt for work positions in Centres and Research institutions, as well as in private companies or other official Bodies in where a research activity related to the field of health is developed. In fact, there is a high number of graduates of this Programme who are developing their work, both in the UV and national or international universities and researching Centres.

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