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  1. Application Instructions
  2. Documentation to submit
  3. Resolution
  4. Notification and publication
  5. Claim deadline
  6. Enrolment


1. Application Instructions

Those who meet the general and specific admission requirements of each Doctoral Programme may submit the pre-enrolment application within the indicated deadlines.

The application will be made through the online office of the Universitat, using the link in the Online application tab available from May 17th, 2021.

Each interested person can only make a single application, being able to choose up to a maximum of three options among the different doctoral programmes.

Students who are completing their doctoral studies in the current academic year may pre-enrol, even if they have not completed those studies at the time of submitting their application. Students will be admitted and will be able to formalise their enrolment. In any case, your enrolment will be conditional upon the fulfilment of all access requirements before November 30th, 2021 at 23:59h. Failure to accredit these conditions will result in the automatic cancellation of the enrolment


2. Documentation

The documentation must be submitted in electronic format with the pre-enrolment application form. Students are responsible for the authenticity of the documentation provided electronically.
The submission of such documentation on paper is not required unless there are doubts as to its authenticity. In this case, the student will be asked, with reasons, to submit a paper collation of the copies provided, and may also be asked to submit the original documentation.
The presentation of the documentation in electronic format with the pre-enrolment application is an essential requirement for the processing of the application.

The documentation to be enclosed with the pre-enrolment application is the following:

a) Photocopy of NIF (Spaniards), NIE (residents in Spain) or PASSPORT (foreigners). In the case that the previous official higher education studies have been carried out at the Universitat de València, it will not be necessary to provide this documentation.

b) Official University Degree. In the case of official qualifications issued by the Universitat de València, it will not be necessary to present them. In all other cases, the official university degree must be provided, which, depending on the form of access, will be:

  • Undergraduate and Master's Degrees (Article 6.1 Royal Decree 99/2011)
  • Llicenciatura [former Spanish undergraduate degree] (Consell Govern Agreement 24/06/2014)
  • Certificate of possession of the Diploma of Advanced Studies, obtained in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 778/1998, of April 30th, or of having achieved the research proficiency regulated in Royal Decree 185/1985, of January 23rd.
  • Accreditation of Positive Evaluation of two specialised health training courses
  • Doctoral degree from previous regulations (accreditation Doctoral degree from previous regulations)

In the case of degrees obtained in universities of states that are not members of the European Union or signatories of the European Economic Agreement or of a bilateral agreement with the European Union, the degree must be duly legalised or apostilled and, depending on the case, must be accompanied by an official translation (see section "Admission requirements for foreign graduates").

In addition, in the case of official qualifications obtained at universities in states outside the European Higher Education Area, it will be necessary to present the credential of homologation of the degree by the Ministry of Education. In the event that the degree is not recognised, the applicant will have to pay, at the time of pre-enrolment, the corresponding fee for the equivalence study of his/her degree, which amounts to 155.22 euros. If the student has already pre-enrolled for a doctorate in previous years and has obtained the corresponding equivalence resolution, they will be exempt from paying the fee.

c) Official academic transcript (grades). Certificate corresponding to the studies carried out in master's degree, undergraduate degree or licenciatura, as appropriate. In the case of official qualifications issued by the Universitat de València, it will not be necessary to present them.

Foreign students must present the official academic certificate (grades) legalised or apostilled and, if applicable, officially translated (see section Admission requirements for foreign graduates). In addition, students must submit the document with the average mark calculated on a base of 10, in accordance with the procedure established by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

Further information on the procedure for calculating the average mark can be found here.

In the case of presenting the official degree of the access qualification, but not providing the official academic certificate with the average mark, and in the case of foreign degrees, in addition, its conversion to base 10 of the Aneca and its legalisation, the average mark that will count in the file for its evaluation, will be a 5 (pass) on a base of 10.

d) Specific Documentation Doctorate in Physiology

IMPORTANT: applications will not be accepted if they do not include the specific documentation, duly completed and with the corresponding attachments.

  1. CV of the student.

  2. Draft research plan COMPLETED and in the CORRECT FORMAT:

    • Information about the student.

    • Line and Theme of research, from those included in the Programme.

    • Title of the thesis project.

    • Tutor, must be a doctoral lecturer in the UV Department of Physiology

    • Supervisors. Fill in all the required information. The co-supervision must be justified. Consult the Requirements for doctoral thesis supervisors and the documentation to be submitted.

    • Place of completion of the thesis. If this place is external to the UV Physiology Department, please indicate it and attach a Letter of authorisation from the Head of the Service (with letterhead, date and signature) accepting the student for the completion of their doctoral thesis.

    • Dedication (full or part-time). If applying on a part-time basis, attach documentary evidence of work, family obligations...

    • Abstract, Objectives, Methodology and Basic Bibliography. Recommended space: 2 to 3 pages.

    • Funding, by stating the reference of the project to which the position is to be attached and the LR of the project, who must be the tutor or one of the supervisors. If not, state that it will be financed from the research funds of the thesis supervisors.

    • Ethical considerations. Attach a favourable report from the Centre's Ethics Committee, if available. If not, indicate the reference of the Application. If it has not yet been applied for, indicate that it will be applied for. It must be included in the research plan at the end of the first year of studies at the latest. The title of the favourable report must match the title of the thesis. If this is not the case, but the report CLEARLY covers all the research and the contents of the doctoral thesis, you must attach the document “Concordancia título tesis_Comite de Etica” or “Concordancia tesis_procedimiento exp.animal DG.AGP.GVA”, as the case may be. If not, inform the Ethics Committee and submit the Committee's assessment. The Universitat de València has an Ethics Committee to which you can submit your doctoral thesis project for evaluation if it is carried out there:

    • Justification of co-supervision. In the case of co-supervision, clearly indicate the academic reasons that justify the need for each supervisor, detailing the specific and distinctive participation of each supervisor in the supervision of the thesis.

    • Intention of thesis with international mention. (Requirements and regulations).

    • Date and all signatures (Can be scanned).

  3. Copy of the DNI, the Doctoral Degree and CV of the supervisors if it is the first thesis they are supervising in the Programme.

  4. Justification of the place of completion of the thesis if this location is external to the Dept. of Physiology: Letter of authorisation from the Head of the Service (with letterhead, date and signature) accepting the student for the completion of their doctoral thesis.

  5. Justification of application for part-time dedication, if applicable: Document justifying work, family obligations...

  6. Justification of the Ethics Committee's favourable report, if applicable.


e) Supporting Documentation Partial Dedication (justification for work, family obligations...). In the case of not selecting part-time employment, no contribution has to be made in this respect.

The type of dedication (full-time or part-time) in the pre-enrolment conditions the subsequent enrolment, which must be with the same type of dedication selected.

f) Motivation letter

g) Other Documents: additional documentation may be attached in this section as deemed appropriate.


3. Resolution

At the end of the pre-enrolment application period, the Doctoral Academic Committee (CAD) of each Doctoral Programme will evaluate the applications, in accordance with the admission and evaluation criteria established for each Doctoral Programme.

The places offered will be allocated according to the result of the ranking of the pre-enrolment application and the order of priority indicated by the student in their application.

In case you have applied for more than one doctorate, the prioritisation of the options made at the time of application is binding. Thus, if the applicant has been favourably assessed in more than one programme, admission will be in the one selected as preferential.

4. Notification and publication

The resolution of the pre-enrolment procedure will be notified to students on the website via "my personal place" on October 19th, 2021. This will be notified by e-mail sent to the e-mail address indicated in the pre-enrolment application form.

Each student may only be admitted to one doctoral programme, and may be placed on the waiting list for several programmes for which they have applied with higher priority.

The results of the pre-enrolment procedure will also be published on the website of the Doctoral School and on the Bulletin Board of the Universitat de València.


5. Claim deadline

After the notification and publication of the pre-enrolment results on October 19th, students may lodge a complaint with the corresponding CAPD of each doctoral programme during October 20th, 21st and 22nd. No complaints will be accepted after these dates.


6. Enrolment

Only students who are "admitted" will be able to enrol. To find out how to enrol, see the Enrolment section.