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The total number of activities to be carried out by the doctorate student is equivalent to 60 hours, adding the two cross-cutting activities to be taken and the specific activities, distributed as follows:


The Doctorate School and the Doctorate Programme will communicate with the student for their enrolment in the activities. Once the student has completed the transversal training activities, they must submit to the Programme, together with the annual monitoring report, the following information, a Report on the transversal activities carried out.


  • 50227: DOCTORATE TRAINING DAY AT THE FACULTY OF MEDICINE (15 hours). You must take THIS activity and you will do it in the first academic year of your studies, both full time and part time. Organised by the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of the UV.

    • Human Ethics Committee (3 hours).
    • Animal Experimentation (3 hours).
    • Clinical Trials (3 hours).
    • Bibliography and Research Methodology (3 hours).
    • Administrative Orientation (3 hours).

    The Secretary of the Faculty will contact the student to register them for the activity.

  • 50228: ATTENDANCE AND PARTICIPATION IN A SCIENTIFIC CONGRESS: Attendance and presentation of a poster or communication related to the subject of the doctoral thesis (equivalent to 15 hours). You must carry out THIS activity and you will do it throughout your studies, both for full time and part time.

    This activity is not replaceable by the mobility activity described below

  • 50229: OPTIONAL ACTIVITY: Mobility: Stay in a Research Centre.

    The doctorate student, if the directors and tutor deem it appropriate, may undertake short stays in Spanish or foreign universities or research centres, related to their doctoral thesis, with the approval of the Academic Committee of the Programme. The duration of the stay will depend on the needs of the doctoral thesis in question. For full-time doctorate students, the stay will be for a minimum of one month and may be as long as necessary to achieve the proposed objectives. Part-time doctoral students may stay for a minimum of 15 days (as long as their occupations allow), and may stay for as many days as necessary throughout the doctorate period.

    This activity is independent of the stay for the option to obtain the International Mention of the Doctorate degree.

  • The doctorate student must submit to the Doctorate Programme (, prior to the stay, the Application for authorisation of stay: Optional Activity together with the curriculum vitae of the person responsible for the stay at the Centre and the letter of acceptance from the Centre. After completing the stay, the student must submit to the Report of the stay together with the supervision report of the stay signed by the tutor at the Centre of the stay.

    This activity, if carried out and depending on the duration of the stay, may replace any of the previous activities, except for Attendance and participation in Congress. Two weeks of full-time stay will be equivalent to one activity, considering for this calculation that full-time dedication during the stay is 40 hours of work per week and part-time dedication during the stay is 20 hours of work per week. For this purpose, once the stay has been completed and the report of the stay has been submitted, the student must present to the Programme ( the Application for recognition.


  • When the doctorate student carries out the specific activity 50228: Attendance and participation in a scientific congress, they must present to the Doctorate Programme ( the corresponding Application for recognition activity 50228 together with the two documentary proofs, the one of attendance and the authorship of the paper or poster presented, so that it can be recognised by the Academic Committee of the Programme and the Doctorate School can include it in the doctorate student's dossier.
  • In case they have done the activity 50229: Optional Mobility Activity, they must also apply for recognition to the Doctorate Programme ( and attach the relevant supporting documents.
  • For the two Transversal Activities and the Specific Activity 50227: Doctorate training day at the Faculty of Medicine, it is NOT necessary to submit an application for recognition, as the results are incorporated directly into the doctorate student's dossier at the time.

Before starting the thesis deposit procedures, the doctorate student must check in the Secretaría Virtual of the UV, section "Student", subsection "Academic reports", that the Transversal and Specific Activities of the Programme have been recognised. Otherwise, you must submit the corresponding Application for recognition the Secretary's Office of the Dept. of Physiology.

ATTENTION: The Transversal Activities and the Doctorate Training Day can be validated if the student has taken another similar course, in which case  they will apply for its recognition to the Doctorate Programme (, presenting the justification and the programme of the activities taken, but sufficiently in advance of the application to deposit the doctoral thesis, because, if validation is denied by the Academic Committee of the Programme, the activity must be taken before applying for the deposit of the thesis.