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The PRIMA programme presents EADANMBRT, a project about wastewater reuse

  • June 15th, 2021
The PRIMA programme presents EADANMBRT, a project about wastewater reuse #etseuvinvestiga

EADANMBRT(Evaluation and Development of Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor) is a project within the PRIMA programme (Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area), developed by a consortium formed by teams from Egypt, France, Lebanon and Spain, where the CALAGUA-UV research group is located.

The objective of this project is to evaluate and develop anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) technology to promote the reuse of unrestricted wastewater and mitigate compromised surface water quality in the Mediterranean region.

This project proposes the development, advancement and application of the anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) for unrestricted wastewater reuse. It is driven by the growing challenges for the widespread implementation of wastewater reuse and the preservation of surface water quality in the Mediterranean region.

Therefore, it aims to overcome the main problems facing AnMBR technology from a practical implementation perspective. The results of this research will achieve the safe reuse of water for irrigation and the improvement of surface water quality.

To achieve their objectives, the consortium of teams will carry out the pilot and laboratory-scale experiments on AnMBR systems and AnMBR tertiary treatment systems. They will also undertake subsequent modelling and analysis based on the results determined. According to the organisation: “This will facilitate the simultaneous development of the technology to be suitable for a variety of socio-economic and environmental conditions”.

The experiments will be carried out in the laboratories of Cairo University, the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Toulouse (INSA-Toulouse), the Lebanese American University and Universitat de València (UVEG) under the direction of the respective PI of each institution.

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