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External Work Placements Committee

Name Category Position
Soret Medel, Jesús PDI (Teaching and Research Staff)                  Centre coordinator (and  Degree in Telecommunications Electronic Engineering  and Degree in Industrial Electronic Engineering)
Martínez Plume, Javier PDI Degree in Computer Engineer
Soriano García, Francisco PDI Degree in Multimedia Engineering
García Pineda, Miguel Degree in Telematics Engineering Degree in Telematics Engineering
Llopis Alonso, Francisco PDI

Degree in Chemical Engineer

Gutiérrez Aguado, Juan PDI Master's Degree in Services and Web Applications Engineering
Ribes Bertomeu, Josep PDI Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering
Soria Olivas, Emilio PDI Master's Degree in Data Science
Jordán Martínez, José PDI Master's Degree in Electronic Engineering
Martínez Soria, Vicente PDI Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering
Cobos Serrano, Máximo PDI Master's Degree in Telecommunications Engineering
Arnau Llombart, Vicente PDI Master's Degree in Bioinformatics
Torres Piedras, Cristina Student Degree's Academic Committee of Industrial Engineering
Beta Muñoz, Juana PAS (Administrative and Services Staff) Secretary 
Barberá, Miguel Ángel ADEIT  Appointed by  ADEIT




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