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Adaptation to undergraduate degree programmes

If you already have a 3-year degree or a 3-year engineering degree

In some studies there is the possibility of taking a Course of Adaptation to obtain the corresponding undergraduate degree. It is a group of subjects providing additional training for students who have finished 3-year degree programmes and 3-year engineering degree programmes in previous plans. The corresponding undergraduate degree is awarded on successful completion of this course.

Equivalence chart for the current degree programme

Three-year degree of Telecommunication Engineering (Spec. Electronical Systems)

Previous degree Type of subject Type of subject Degree
Mathematical Fundamentals in Engineering Troncal Basic Training Mathematics I
    Basic Training Mathematics II
Mathematical Methods in Engineering Optativo Basic Training Mathematics III
Physics Fundamentals in Engineering Troncal Basic Training Physics I
Microelectronics Troncal Basic Training Physics II
Computing Obligatorio Basic Training Informatics I
Programming Tools Optativo Basic Training Informatics II
Analysis of Linear Circuits and Systems Troncal Basic Training Electronic Circuits
Device Electronics Troncal Basic Training Electronic and Photonic Devices
Industrial Economics and Organisation Optativo Basic Training Business
Computing Architecture and Fundamentals Troncal Obligatorio Computer Programming
Digital Electronic Circuits and Devices Troncal Obligatorio Digital Systems I
Digital Electronic Systems Troncal Obligatorio Digital Systems II
Electronic Instrumentation and Equipment Troncal Obligatorio Instrumentation and Electronic Equipment
    Obligatorio Measurement Equipments and Systems
Virtual Instrumentation Optativo Obligatorio Electronic Products Design
CAD Obligatorio Optativo Electronic Products Design
Electronic Control Systems Troncal Obligatorio Dynamics and Control Engineering
Introduction to Digital Signal Processing Obligatorio Obligatorio Signals and Linear Systems
Communication Electronics Fundamentals Obligatorio Obligatorio Fundamentals of Communications
Data Transmission Networks Optativo Obligatorio Fundamentals of Computer networks
Analog Electronics I Troncal Obligatorio Analogue Electronics I
    Obligatorio Analogue Electronics II
Analog Electronics II Obligatorio Obligatorio High frequency circuits and subsystems
Introduction to Telecommunication Systems Optativo Obligatorio Telecommunication Electronic Systems
Power Electronic Devices Optativo Obligatorio Multimedia Electronic Systems
Electronic Systems with Microprocessors Optativo    
Power Supply Electronic Systems Optativo    
Distributed Industrial Systems Optativo    
Multimedia Information Processing Optativo    
Introduction to Power Electronics Obligatorio Obligatorio Renewable energies and their conditioning
Projects (ITTSE) Troncal Obligatorio Project Management