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UV School of Engineering Office of the Secretary Procedures (Degree and Master’s degree)

Academic records and certificates

Marks academic certificate
Enrolment Certificate
Fee payment of School Insurance
Certificate of Enrolment Fee
Curricular assessment for marks compensation
Credit transfer and recognition

Access and admission

Briefings  (Degree)
Waiting Lists (Degrees)
Entrance exams for people over 40
Admission to continue official degrees (academic record transfer and partial validation of Spanish and foreign studies)


Adaptation to new degrees
First Year enrolment
Waiting Lists Enrolment
Groups and subgroups changes
Part-time enrolment request
Resumption of Studies
Enrolment cancellation due to force majeure


Any other procedure

Exams contestation
Subjects programme
Representation for the Office of the Secretary procedures
Generic application form
Refunding of fees
Bringing forward the call
Extraordinary call of curriculum being phased out
Supplementary training requirements for the homologation of a foreign university degree

Work Placements