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What to do in case of pregnancy


According to article 26 of Law 31/1995, of 8 November, on the Prevention of Occupational Risks on Maternity Protection, pregnant or nursing women are considered particularly sensitive workers, establishing a series of measures aimed at adapting the working conditions of pregnant or nursing workers.

1. What to do in case of pregnancy

1. 1. The corresponding medical certificate is filled in the health reports.

1.2. The workplace is assessed and the worker is informed of the extent and duration of her possible exposure to agents, procedures or working conditions that may adversely affect her health and that of her offspring.

The following situations may occur:

  • That the job is adapted if the working conditions pose a risk to the pregnant worker. In this case, the job is maintained with the adaptation of the working conditions.
  • That the tasks performed are limited or that the worker is transferred to a job position that does not pose a risk.

1.3. If all of the above is not possible the contract is suspended due to occupational risk during pregnancy.