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Competences and powers of the Safety and Health Committee

1.The Safety and Health Committee will have the following competences

  • Participate in the development, implementation and evaluation of the risks prevention plans and programmes in the company. For this purpose, before their implementation and regarding their impact on risks prevention, the projects on planning, work organisation and introduction of new technologies, organisation and development of protection and prevention actions, stated in the article 16 of this law and its bill, an organisation of prevention training will be discussed.
  • Promote initiatives on methods and procedures for the effective prevention of risks, proposing the company the improvement of conditions or the correction of current deficiencies.

2. In exercising its powers, the Safety and Health Committee will be empowered to:

  • Know directly the situation regarding risks prevention at the workplace and, for this purpose, visiting as many times as necessary
  • Know the documents and reports related to the working conditions that are necessary to carry out its tasks, as well as those from the prevention service’s activities, in its case
  • Know and analyse the damage produced in the employees’ health or physical integrity, in order to evaluate its causes and propose appropriate preventive measures.
  • Know and inform the annual report and programming of the prevention services.

3. In order to comply with what is stated in the law on collaboration between companies in the event of simultaneous development of activities within the same workplace, conducting joint meetings with the Safety and Health Committees or,falling this, the prevention delegates and businesspeople of companies that do not have the aforementioned committees, or other measures for coordinated actions, can be agreed.