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Being an Entreiguals mentor implies establishing a supportive connection and providing aid to students starting at UV. With prior training and by adhering to the indications of the teaching staff involved in each centre, they will contribute to the academic, personal and social integration of the new students. There are two modalities: 

  • Mentoring first-year students, to accompany students enrolling for the first time in the degree programme.
  • Mentoring incoming students, to accompany foreign students arriving through exchange programs (such as Erasmus or other international mobility programmes). 

The Entreiguals mentoring programme does not just help new students. Being a mentor will help you refine your communication, socialisation and active listening skills and improve abilities such as empathy, solidarity, confidence, and more. In summary, you will gain a set of skills and competencies that are useful in academic, personal and professional environments. Competencies that, particularly in the professional sphere, are increasingly valued and in high demand. 

Furthermore, by participating in Entreiguals, undergraduate students can earn participation credits for taking part in university activities.