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  • Juan Perez Garcia
  • September 27th, 2019


You need to know the Regulation of use of the ICT resources that the UV makes available to you. We all have a responsibility, both users (staff and students), as the institution itself. We leave here an extract from the Regulation, where we talk about these things.

ICT Regulations:


CHAPTER IV. Responsibility

Article 8

  • 1. Users have to guard and make a proper use of the ICT resources that the University of Valencia puts at their disposal to develop their functions within the institution.
  • 2. Users have an obligation to be aware of and comply with these regulations and with any other rules or protocols that may affect the correct use of ICTs, both within the University of Valencia and within the networks to which it belongs.

Article 9

  • 1. The University of Valencia is subject to civil, criminal and administrative liability as established by the legal system for all intents and purposes, without prejudice to the regulations contained herein.
  • 2. The University of Valencia shall not be held responsible, directly or indirectly: 
    • (a) for the views expressed by the members of the university community, for the statements made by them or by any other person or for the content published using its ICT resources,
    • (b) for the information that users transmit via the University of Valencia’s telecommunication networks, unless such information has been generated or disseminated in the framework of administrative procedures or institutional communications,
    • (c) for the information stored or for the contents linked to by the users of ICT resources, provided that the University has no actual knowledge that this information is illicit or detrimental to the properties or rights of a third party that are liable for compensation. Upon becoming aware, the University of Valencia shall not be responsible either when it duly acts to remove the data or to prevent access.
  • 3. In any event, the University of Valencia is acting in good faith when it offers its ITC resources and shall not be responsible, directly or indirectly, for any claim arising from their quality, reliability or accuracy.



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