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Signature of a request

In general, all ICT support requests will be processed through the ICT support catalog portal at the UV, which can be found at:

In this page you can find different application and requests forms. Many of the requests made both to the Information Systems Service, and to the University of Valencia, will be made through Entreu web site, or depending on the action field through other assistance platforms. It is possible that some of the forms require a written signature for their processing. Thus, this page will be constantly being updated depending on the progressive implementation of the electronic management in our University.

All the requests listed here can be accessed either from our user Assistance Centre platform, or through the different user, devices and network machines database servers.

In this way, we try to integrate them all for an easiest localization.

All the pointed out platforms are the ones that support all the requests linked here, this is, it is only a list of them.