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Its activities include: 

  • Conference "Joan Fuster". Held annually since 2003, in Sueca, in accordance with an agreement signed with the city council. The interventions of the speakers are published by the Chair. 
  • Correspondencia de Joan Fuster. It is a collection directed by Antoni Furió, which publishes the letters exchanged by the essayist with writers, politicians, journalists and other personalities, annotations, introductions and accompanied by a documentary appendix which provides context.
  • Joan Fuster Grants. Biannual grants to study some aspect of Fuster's work. The funded works published in the collection Joan Fuster, of Publicacions de la Universitat de València.
  • Other activities. The Chair promotes or collaborates in the publication of works related to its objectives, among which is the English edition of Diccionari per a ociosos and the Italian edition of Judicis finals; an unprecedented selection of Fuster's aphorisms, Bestiari, and an interactive audiovisual work on the life of the writer, for educational uses. It has also developed, in collaboration with the IIFV, talks about the media in the context of Valencia. Moreover, it has promoted the exhibition "Els Arxius Fuster", prepared by the Office of the Vice-principal for Culture and opened in 2006 in Valencia, to be shown later in other cities.