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Access conditions

To access the official course of this Master's degree you will need to hold a Spanish university degree or any other degree issued by a higher education institution of the European Higher Education Area that authorises in the country of origin for the access to Postgraduate courses.

Additionally, graduates following educational systems foreign to the European Higher Education Area can access whenever the degree allows them to access postgraduate studies and authorises a level of training equal to the corresponding Spanish university degrees.


The body responsible of the admission is the Master's Degree Academic Coordinating Committee (CCA).

The maximum number of students to be admitted in each academic year is 30.

Admission of students will be carried out based on general criteria that, en its case, are the own master's degree criteria or those which the University of Valencia establish and according to the following specific criteria:

  • Adaptation of the profile of the student
  • Academic record
  • Personal interview

In the consideration of the student profile all those aspects of its curriculum that are related to the contents of the master's degree will be preferable taken in account. Among others: coming from higher studies related to Economy or degrees with a high component in technical mathematics and/or statistics, having carried out studies in subjects related to the degree, count with professional experience en some of the areas of professional activity, having other degrees or postgraduate studies, prove language proficiency...

With the personal interview, discretionary from the point of view of the master's degree CCA, it is expected to guarantee an appropriate assessment of the curriculum of the student and dispel any doubt about the suitability of the candidate to take the degree.


On the assumption that the demand exceeds the offered places those applicants that hand out the recommended profile according to the following scale will be preferable admitted.

  • Academic record (up to 10 points). The average mark of the academic report converted to base 10 will be taken in account. The application will be documented with the report card duly certified. 
  • Record adjustment (up to 3 points). It will determined from the weighted average mark of the marks of the subjects more related to the contents of the master's degree.
  • Professional experience (up to 5 points). Professional activity, duly justified, will be considered if it is related to the profile of the master's degree.
  • Other studies and postgraduate training (up to 1.5 points). Official studies will be considered (undergraduate, master's degree, diplomaturas and licenciaturas…), as well as courses or non-official master's, of at least 200 hours of formal teaching, with content relative to the master's degree.
  • Languages (up to 0.5 points). English proficiency which is duly justified will be specially assessed.