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Applicants should have completed advanced studies in economics, especially in the field of finance and insurance; for example, the licenciaturas in Economics or Business Management and Administration, the diplomaturas in Business Science or the old licenciatura in Economic and Business Sciences. The equivalent EHEA undergraduate degrees in Finance, Insurance, Finance and Accounting, Finance and Insurance, etc. are equally valid.

Applicants should also have solid training in mathematics and/or statistics as the Master's contains a large part of these matters. Consequently, holders of a licenciatura, diplomatura or undergraduate degree in Physics, Mathematics or Statistics can apply for admission. Some fields of Engineering are also adequate.

Without limiting the possibilities of access to one or more degrees, it is advisable for students to be knowledgeable about quantitative finance and economics, because the objectives of the Master’s degree consist of training for proper assessment and management of all types of risks. Thus the student should be interested both in financial issues as in the mathematical and statistical techniques to treat them.