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The master’s degree holds a seminar on the actuary role in the business consultancy world

  • Web and Marketing Unit
  • November 25th, 2022

EY business consultants, Agustín Saggese, manager in Business Consulting, and Andrea Fernández, associate in TA2, explained to the students the role of actuary consulting in the analysis, management and guidance of the risks financial impact.

In the seminar, Andrea Fernández and Agustín Saggese carried out a corporate presentation of the EY business. They talked about the opportunities offered by this firm in audit services, taxation, transaction support and consultancy.

They also mentioned the internal training options offered by the business (coaching, training plans, EY University) and explained the professional career and the selection process that candidates must pass.

Then, they covered the different types of actuaries focusing on the EY actuarial department in both, across the world and in Spain, and explained its structure and the actuarial projects in which are working.

Finally, they prepared a question and exchange of opinions time with the students of the master’s degree in Actuarial and Financial Sciences of the Universitat de València.