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Archaeology Day 2016 takes place on Friday 29 July


Archaeology Day 2016 will take place next Friday 29 July and the organisers invite to participate everyone who is linked to the profession, whether in a academic, professional or voluntary way.

26 july 2016

The event's organisers invite all those people who are in some way related to the world of archaeology to participate, either those that are studying it, those working on it or those that are volunteers and are interested in it. The objective is to enjoy together an “Archaeology Day” this July 2016 in which we achieve to prove the precious quantity of work this profession shares continuously with the world, aiming to increase and disseminate the public conscience that recognises the importance of archaeology in the study and the analysis of the modern world, carrying out a great social work

Archaeology Day wants to encourage that any person who has a personal, professional or voluntary interest in Archaeology, involves him or herself in a simple way and helps to allow us to show the world why archaeology is so vital to protect and learn from the past, achieving this way inform the people of the future.

The aim is that all those archaeology’s professionals who have documented some of their work can send it to the organisation, so it can spread these pieces in its own website, bringing this way together a great number of works that position archaeology in an efficient way.

Any chosen format is valid; in other words, there will be accepted whether written, audiovisual, films or photography works. It is not necessary to deliver the work on the same day 29, it is possible to do it during the previous during the following week. The world of archaeology expects this Friday 29 July 2016 to a great day for the profession. In addition, the organisation provides an email addressed to help all the users who want to participate and resolve all doubts that could arise about it.

The first Archaeology Day was held in 2011 and since then it has managed to bring together thousands of archaeologists to take part in this exciting event, either those working in the field, or those who do it from laboratories or computers.