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  • Open call for the 21st edition of the Documentary Film Festival of Santiago

    20 june 2017

    Open call for the 21st edition of the International Documentary Film Festival of Santiago (FIDOCS), which will take place from 6 to 12 November in the capital of Chile. The call will remain open until 24 July.

  • Tips for the filming of your first audiovisual product

    6 june 2017

    If you are a passionate for the audiovisual world, sure you have felt many times curiosity of filming your own product. But the first project (documentary, short film...) always arises some doubts. We give you some practical advice to help your first experience being satisfactory.

  • Do you know which the first colour film was?

    3 may 2017

    Cinema and cinematographic technics evolve since the first films in the 19th century were projected. To enjoy a movie in the present days in high definition full-colour is usual, but, as in everything, to be the first one has an added value. Do you know which the first colour film was? Let us tell you about it!

  • eye

    Open registration of Cinema Jove to receive full-length and short films

    17 february 2017

    The International Cinema Festival of Valencia - Cinema Jove already has a set date and will be celebrated between the next 23 June and 1 July of 2017. The call to send full-length and short films is already open to participate in the 32nd edition of this contest.

  • Cartel Goya. Fuente:

    The two pre-race favourite in the Goya 2017

    1 february 2017

    Next Saturday 4 February, Spanish cinema dresses up to celebrate the edition number 31 of the Goya Awards in which participated more than 150 films. Do you want to know the nominees and which films are the favourites? Let us tell you about it. 

  • Paura

    “Paura”, horror film festival in Valencia

    20 january 2017

    International horror film festival Paura arrives to Valencia to bring horror genre audiovisual productions to the Turial capital from today until next Saturday. 

  • Man watching the screen

    The documentary arrives in Valencia

    22 november 2016

    Non-fiction cinema has sneaked in Valencia for the new festival ‘DocsValencia. Espai de no ficció’ (‘DocsValencia. Non-fiction site’), which starts today presenting the genre documentary and combining culture and entertainment.    

  • Watch cinema as you had never seen it before, or had you?

    18 december 2015

    Tarantino takes up the 70mm film format for the projection of his new western, ‘The hateful eight’. The Ultra Panavision was a type of negative which ceased to be used in the 60 in films like ‘Ben Hur’.