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  • Labguion Fuente:

    5th International Script Workshop in Colombia

    23 march 2017

    The call for participation in the 5th edition of the International Script Workshop in Colombia is now open. The registration period is open until the next 30 April.

  • Man watching the screen

    The documentary arrives in Valencia

    22 november 2016

    Non-fiction cinema has sneaked in Valencia for the new festival ‘DocsValencia. Espai de no ficció’ (‘DocsValencia. Non-fiction site’), which starts today presenting the genre documentary and combining culture and entertainment.    

  • ‘Oro’, the next Spanish historical fiction about to reach the big screen

    11 january 2016

    Spanish production of historical fiction comes back to the cinemas with ‘Oro’ (Gold), a film directed by two-time-Goya awarded director in 1995, Agustín Díaz Yanes.

  • Watch cinema as you had never seen it before, or had you?

    18 december 2015

    Tarantino takes up the 70mm film format for the projection of his new western, ‘The hateful eight’. The Ultra Panavision was a type of negative which ceased to be used in the 60 in films like ‘Ben Hur’.

  • How to write a script in 7 steps

    30 november 2015

    Rewrite and rewrite, sell your idea in 30 words, think about an appealing start for your work and find the inspiration around you. These are a few recommendations in order to write an script in 7 steps.