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5 tips to create audiovisual content on the Internet

It is no surprise that the Internet has modified the way the human brain reads texts. The language particularities on the Internet and the boom of multimedia have catapulted the video as one of the main formats. Thus, to dominate the audiovisual production process it is important to succeed on the Internet. If you want to get the maximum potential to your videos, here are some key tips.

3 april 2017

Do you want to boost traffic to the videos you create for your channel or your blog? As you know, a good content is essential, but it is not always enough. The net is infested with noise and it is necessary to stand out from the rest with a good marketing strategy. If you want your videos to get more visits, keep reading because here are several recommendations to reach a massive audience and get more followers on your channels. 

1. Bet on multilingualism. Even if you choose English as the language for your videos, there are a large audience who will not consume them if you do not offer subtitles or translation. Try as far as possible to offer the content in more than one language

2. Promote your videos on the network. Benefit from the potential of the rest of the network to reach a larger audience. If you make an isolated content and you do not broadcast it, you must know that it is possible that it will not reach everybody.  

Your video content is essential, but sometimes it is insufficient to reach a massive audience, so try to offer the content in more that one language and share it on the social networks.


3. Get use to the Internet language. On the Internet the language is fragmented, direct and with hypertexts. The way the human brain reads has been modified because of the inrush of new languages on the network. Therefore, bet for short videos and even for the links incorporation in your own audiovisual contents.

4. Consider the video format of all the devices. Although there are a lot of devices with Internet connection, not all of them have the same capacity to reproduce videos. Thus, offer the possibility of watching it with different formats and qualities.  

5. It is CRUCIAL a good video tag to position it on the Internet. Images and sound are very important for the web surfer, but it will not matter that the video content and montage are brilliant if it is not well positioned on the Internet.




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