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AulaCorto: featurettes for schools and high schools

AulaCorto: featurettes for schools and high schools

AulaCorto is a web portal which has a 30 featurette catalogue in order to encourage audiovisual values and also the legal consumption of audiovisual contents among young people.

11 april 2016

“We are a cinema portal for both public and private schools and high schools”. This is how AulaCorto introduces itself. AulaCorto is an educational web page launched by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport throught ICAA (Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales). It offers free audiovisual  educational content for its use in schools.

Thanks to this portal we can watch online fiction, animation and documentary featurettes (no more than 30 minutes). Each featurette attaches a technical sheet which specifies the PG, according to its topic. Moreover, it includes a link to the study plan where the teacher will find support material for giving his or her Primary School, Secondary School, etc lessons.

The catalogue includes 30 featurettes, but this offer may grow at the end of 2016. One of the main aims of this iniciative is to strengthen the legal consumption of audiovisual spanish production among young people.  Some of the featurettes are:

  • Ámár (Isabel Herguera). Inés travels to India in order to visit her friend Ámár, who is admitted in a mental hospital for a number of years. Inés remembers the last days they spent together and her promise of coming back.
  • Aquel no era yo (Esteban Crespo). Being a soldier is not difficult: You are used to it or you get killed. Managing with your memories is the hardest thing. You try to be yourself again after all you have done.
  • Bichos raros (Alegría Collantes, Estíbaliz Burgaleta). This is the story of three weirdos: José Luis belongs to the “Spookies” urban tribe, Raúl is a gamer and Eva fancies Astrology. The three of them are inhabitants of an ecosystem they find hostile and they choose to live their lives in a different way. And that ability to choose is what turns human beings into the weirdest criatures in the world.

From a teaching scope, AulaCorto works at several levels:

  • Training on values and human rights and good eating habits. Also on social protests such as discrimination, teen violence, violence against women, etc.
  • Audiovisual education and cinematographic analysis;
  • Entertainment, an approach to new audiencies and the start of an audiovisual education.

One of the main aims of this iniciative is to strengthen the legal consumption of audiovisual spanish production among young people

In order to access to the contents the teacher must registered himself throught his or her professional email address. Each school could have as many users as registered teachers.

Likewise, the faculty has the possibility of sharing their working experience on the section called Profesor/a propone, filling up the section called Apartado and sharing it with the rest of the users.

AulaCorto has been coordinated by Plataforma Nuevos Realizadores (PNR), Asociación de Industria del Cortometraje (AIC) and Coordinadora del Cortometraje Español.

This is not the first time educational and audiovisual sectors work together. Recently, we informed you about the latest Mice edition, the Muestra Internacional Film Festival carried out by the cultural association Jordi el Mussol, that has four year of experience in encouraging a critical approach among young people.

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Published by: Pablo Martí Prats
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