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The Spanish short film Timecode reaches the Oscars

It is less than a month left until the name of the audiovisual projects that will succeed in the 89th edition of the Hollywood Oscars is revealed. The Spanish short-film Timecode has achieved to get to the final of this edition of the most famous film festival worldwide. Do you want to learn a little more about this short film? 

27 january 2017

A love story full of screens, looks and dances”. This is how the Catalan director Juanjo Giménez Peña has described the Spanish short-film Timecode, which has seeped into the next edition of the Oscars, scheduled for 26 February. This 15-minute drama short-film tells the relationship between two security guards who work in a parking lot and only see each other for a few seconds every day, when they change shift. Diego works at nights and Luna in day shift, so they communicate with each other using notes. The spectators witness this relationship thank to the surveillance cameras, which become their eyes.

Timecode reaches the Oscars with a successful trajectory, after winning the Best Short Film Palme d’Or.

Timecode reaches the Oscars with a successful trajectory, after winning the Best Short Film Palme d’Or. This short film has conquered the Academy overcoming Graffiti, by the director Lluís Quilez, the other Spanish work that entered the top 10 finalists for the Oscars and was awarded as Best Short Film in the Santa Bárbara Festival. Despite the quality of both Spanish productions has earned them the trust of the tribunal of short films (they were chosen among the 5.000 entering works and entered a reduced group of short films), only Timecode achieved to finally get into the very final of the Oscars.

The career of this Catalan director stands out because of its importance and great quality. He has to his credit three interesting feature films: Tilt (2001), a fiction film; and Esquivar y pegar (2010) and Contract Proof (2014), both documentary films.

And the Oscar goes to...

Timecode will have to face other four short-films that have also conquered the Academy and will not let the work by Juanjo Giménez taste victory easily.

  1.  Ennemis intérieurs: French 27-minute short film that is set in the 90s and tells how the Algerian terrorism arrives to France.
  2. La femme et le TGV: Swiss 30-minute short film in which a withdrawn woman goes every day to wave at the high-speed train that runs by her home.
  3. Silent Nights: This Danish short-film tells the story of a woman who is a volunteer in a homeless shelter in Copenhagen, where she falls in love with an undocumented Ghanaian immigrant.
  4. Sing: This Hungarian 25-minute short-film is based in a real story set in the 90s, when a little girl from Budapest discovers a secret in the choir she just joined.


Fotograma de 'Silent Nights'
'Silent Nights' ' s frame