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Videos, the leading trend in marketing

To surf the internet has become one of the most common habits in people for many years now. Actually, almost a 70% states they spend at least two hours a day online. Do you know which formats or trends are the most attractive for an Internet user? Check them out! 

26 june 2017

Internet has completely changed the marketing world To reach the consumer’s attention in any of all fields needs to go through a procedure of understanding which is the internet language and the formats that are more attractive for the spectator. Getting used to it and respond to what Internet users want is essential to guarantee the dissemination of a promotional content. Because of that, we will reveal which are the five activities that dedicate more time to Internet users according to the Asociación para la Investigación de Medios de Comunicación (AIMC).

  1. Read news (85,5% of the interviewed).
  2. Watch videos (83,4% of the interviewed).
  3. Map checking (73,4% of the interviewed).
  4. Consult the weather (72,2% of the interviewed).
  5. Listen to music in streaming mode (58,7% of the interviewed).

Videos have become the preferred consumption format for users according to the trends revealed by the Asociación para la Investigación de Medios de Comunicación

The list states that watching videos is one of the most demanded activities by Internet users. Today, YouTube is the second most used searcher of the world, just right after Google. Because of that, videos have become the consumption information format chosen by users. Messages get even stronger to spectators if sent through a video. Actually, the human brain processes the visual information 60,000 times faster than texts. Then, how can you include a video in your content strategy?

  • Video stories: to tell stories through videos and make them become easily viral. Normally, these videos are short (less than a minute) and multi-device (with subtitles).
  • Ephemeral videos: videos that are not as elaborated and fade away in 24 hours. They are very effective. The platform Snapchat was responsible for the ‘boom’ of this format.
  • Live videos: through apps like Facebook Live or Periscope, among others, this format has become popular. They offer many possibilities, like events broadcast or the creation of TV programmes.
  • 360 degree videos: these videos make it possible to get into a real environment and have conquered many spectators through platforms like Youtube, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Corporative videos: very effective when it comes to convincing consumers to choose a product they are selling. Studies state that 64% of users feel more predisposed to buy a new product or service after watching a video of these characteristics.

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