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Cinesin: almost a decade of free of barriers cinema

Cinesin: almost a decade of free of barriers cinema

The Valencian association Cinesin has been favouring labour and social inclusion and the visibility of people with functional diversity through different didactics whose guiding thread is using audiovisual media for almost ten years.

30 june 2016

Cinesin is a Valencian entity that was born in 2008 and promotes the social and labour inclusion of people with functional diversity through audiovisual media through 3 ways:training, production and communication. 


Cinesin has developed a training plan with the objective of enhancing the integration of people with functional diversity, adapting audiovisual productions according to their specific needs (subtitling, audio description, etc.), making visible the creativity and participation of this collective in festivals and screenings, and collaborating with different private and public entities to showcase the task carried out by this Valencian entity. The training plan includes 5 proposals destined to different audiences and adapted according to their characteristics, needs and possibilities:

Cinema workshop ‘The Path + Short towards Integration’

A theoretical and practical workshop that covers all the phases in the production of an audiovisual piece: pre-production, production and post-production. The objective is that recipients of this workshop acquire the needed competencies so that in a future they are able of working in an autonomous way.

Introduction workshop to video

Workshop addressed to associations, centres and all kinds of entities that want to train their students in the basic concepts of the functional videodiversity. It includes the elaboration of a short film shooting plan, the actor preparation and the video editing.

Workshop of functional video diversity

Study and development of the characteristics and systems of audiovisual resources adaptations for professionals and people interested in the audiovisual means. In this workshop, matters as the appearance in the screen, the participation in audiovisual production, the legislation on accessibility in audiovisual means and audiovisual therapies are tackled.

Videotherapy workshop

Psychopedagogical proposal for all kinds of people that want to work self-knowledge through the use of new technologies and Gestalt Therapy.

Cinesin at home

Commented screenings aimed at showing the artistic creation and social integration possibilities the video allows. These sessions last around 90 minutes and Cinesin is committed to provide the needed material for the screening, assuming the travelling expenses when the sessions are organised outside Valencia.

Cinesin has programmed a training plan that includes 5 proposals destined to different audiences and adapted according to their characteristics, needs and possibilities.


Cinesin also promotes the social and labour inclusion for people with functional diversity through the audiovisual production. Over these last eight years, they have made three documentaries, eight spots, three video clips and sixteen short films. Among their projects are included the following:




Cinesin has had the presence in most of the television channels of the city of Valencia, such as Canal 9, La 10, Las Provincias TV and Canal 7 Televisión. Also, they are representatives in the Valencian Community of the Discapacidad TV, the only thematic channel related to functional diversity in Spanish and through Internet.

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