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Taller d'Audiovisuals de la UVEG c/ Serpis, 29 46022 - Valencia

(9639) 83628



Professor of Audiovisual Communication at the University of Valencia, director of the Official Master's Degree in Audiovisual Content and Formats, and head of the UVEG Audiovisual Workshop. He is currently also President of the working group on Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication of CRUE Communication (Council of Rectors of Spanish Universities) and member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Ibero-American Educational Televisions and Secretary General (ATEI). As head of the research group “Audiovisual Content and Formats” (CONTD) he has participated in projects such as: The communication of science on television. Narrative strategies of the scientific documentary in Europe and Online video as a tool to communicate science with the collaboration of the Universities of Navarra, Pompeu Fabra, University of Porto, University of Carolina and University Otago and the Free University of Berlin; the Valencian Oral Memory Archive with the collaboration of the Valencia Provincial Council and RTVV; o Telde: Teleeducation for Development with the collaboration of the Generalitat Valenciana and the five Valencian public universities. He is also a project evaluator for the National Agency for Evaluation and Prospective (ANEP), and has participated in the MECESUP project in Hispanic American Universities as an international expert. It is currently part of the group of Ibero-American Universities that have developed the TVMORFOSIS communication debate project. As director of the Audiovisual Workshop, he has been responsible for the production of numerous popular science documentaries and educational videos such as: Memories of a School, Los Moriscos Valencianos, 500 Years of History of the University of Valencia, Menu of Genes, Women and Power: Under the Glass Ceiling, The Cetaceans of the Mediterranean, Creart, The Botanical Garden of the University of Valencia, From red to blue: the Valencian transition, Under the Skin of Conflict, Josep Antoni Cavanilles: Hª del paisatge, La “Riuà”, Mediterranean Viva, Oenological Territory, Ser Joan Fuster, Following Darwin's Footsteps, The Garden Around the Corner, Pep Gimeno Botifarra: el cant dels arrels, or Semper Al Tall, Ximo Michavila. Mestre de Mestres, the Valuable and Valued Valencian Tourist Landscapes series, Revelant Blasco Ibáñez, Against the NO-DO or the series: The University Responds, Sustainable Universe, Lives and Drinks, Get to Work, the Science of Wine or Xafant Terra.