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  • Traffic Lights

    5 key aspects of the "Risk Traffic Light" system

    5 february 2016

    Between the Defensor del Pueblo, the Stock Market National Committee and the Ministry of Economics, a new information system for retail investors has been brewing since 2012. Here we analyse the new “risk traffic light”, an initiative that on February 5th finally turned green.

  • Negative rates

    Where can negative rates currently be found?

    27 january 2016

    Lenders don't pull in profits any more: they do the paying. Same goes for depositors. Negative yield now affects dissimilar yet interrelated assets and financial movements. For banks, investment options vanish; small investors face entirely new prospects.

  • Deutsche Bank

    The management of Deutsche Bank: Chronology of a chaotic year

    25 january 2016

    The first financial group of Germany and one of banking's references on a global scale faces perhaps the hardest spell in the bank's 58-year long history (after re-emerging in 1957), What has been going on in the last few months at DB?

  • Fintech

    How will banks face the Fintech challenge?

    14 january 2016

    The financial sector is reinventing itself - thanks to technology. Fintech companies tripled their investment in 2015, and expect to decidedly burst into the Spanish market in 2016. Are traditional banks prepared?

  • Blackboard with a mathematical formula.

    Quants: The science of finance

    8 january 2016

    It has become the buzzword of the financial sector in the past few years. Everyone wants one: banks, investment groups, energy businesses, even betting houses. There are few of them, but on the shoulders of those few lies the behaviour of the global financial system, as it has done for over three decades. And alas, finance is often the last field of study they chose to follow. They are quantitative analysts: Quants.

  • Credit flow is crucial for startups

    Slow credit, slow job market?

    10 december 2015

    Employment rates plummetted during the first five years of the financial crisis, while so did financing availability. Now that credit flow is improving, will there be a spike in the job market? How are credit and employment connected?