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The European Health Insurance Card generally covers any citizen of the EU. This card is issued in the home country before the stay.

There are other countries that are not members of the European Union, but with which the Spanish state has reached agreements on health care such as: Andorra, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Switzerland, Morocco, etc. In these cases, you should contact the Spanish Embassy in your country to obtain more information.

If you are not interested in the previous option (Publich Health System) or if you come from other country, you should obtain a private health insurance that gives you coverage in Spain. The cost can vary, since it changes according the obtained service.

It is very important for the visitors to clarify the health insurance conditions before leaving their country.

If you are Erasmus student, you can have the European health insurance card, which provides access to the normal medical services; if you are not a student of the European community, you can access to the medical insurance that provides the university:

Health Offices

International Medical Insurance

For non-European students  it is necessary to have the international medical insurance.

This insurance have to cover, at least:

  • Health and medical care, both for accident and sickness.

  • Repatriation or sanitary transfer due to sickness or accident.

  • Repatriation or sanitary transfer in the event of death.

  • Travel for a family member in case of sickness or death.

  • Civil Responsibility.

You should credit that you have taken the insurance by providing:

  • the policy.
  • the payment receipt of the quota.

If you have made an “extension” of a pre-existing policy, ask for a certificate where the coverage is specified.

For EU-students  it is necessary to possess the health card.