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It is unanimously accepted and recognised that the Management of business or any other kind of organisation requires a wide group of competences (knowledge, abilities, attitudes) which can be acquired by means of an accurate specific training. In fact, both the increased complexity of the business activity and the each time wider disorder of the socio-economic environment in which it is developed, require a kind of Management that does not make way to the mere improvisation and intuition of the businessperson, and they are based on a specific and updated training. It is confirmed that the modification and quality of the directives' training affects favourably, and in a relevant way, the development and results of businesses, and it constitutes a distinguishing element of the most competitive industries. This is how business management conforms a real demand in our economic environment from a directive point of view.

The Valencian Community is a territory with a wide business activity, with leading business sectors in Spain and outstanding in the international field. Its directives' training is specially important in the Valencian case, due to the fact that most of its industries are SMEs (small and medium enterprises), with very reduced directive teams and great difficulties to access the specialised knowledge the current competence requires. The MBAs allow to train the directives in every functional field of the business, apart from the general management.

Moreover, several studies show that industries declare having difficulties to fill vacancies for university graduates: middle or directive managers with a specialisation related to the business strategy and the general management. Precisely, this master's degree tries to train specialised people to occupy management positions, on an intermediate and general level, by contributing with a professional and active vision of the organisations' management.

The University of Valencia has a great experience in similar courses, such as the executive MBA internationally organised by the Universities of Valencia and Anglia (UK), under the patronage of the automobile industry Ford; the current MBA organised by the University of Valencia and the Chamber of Valencia; and the Junior MBA organised by the UV together with the EDEM.