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Computer-based Finances Collection: design nº1 - Basic headings in investment portfolios with options

2 may 2016

Financial options contract can be used to design investment portfolios; that is, combining options headings and other financial assets. Such headings can be the following:




  • Spot purchase of shares
  • Short sale of shares
  • Spot purchase of risk-free assets (loan creditor);
  • Short sale of risk-free assets (loan debtor);
  • Purchase of call contracts;
  • Sale of call contracts;
  • Purchase of put contracts;
  • Sale of put contracts.

The calculation book Basic Headings (Excel or FreeOffice) allows illustrating -analytically and graphically- both the result and the value of each headings under the assumption of building an investment portfolio before a certain deadline as well as the reaction of the holder on the corresponding headline. You can put your knowledge on the topic into practice answering to the questions at the calculations book Questions Related to Basic Headings.

Edited by: Agustín Piñol,

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