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Professor Leopoldo Forner receives the Teaching Excellence Award

The objective of these awards is to give credit to the labour of students, researchers and teachers of the Universitat de València, as well as to thank the entities for their collaboration with this institution.

12 december 2016

The 21st edition of the University-Society Awards will take place on Monday 12 December. Among the awardees, there is the professor of the Master’s Degree in Dental Sciences, Leopoldo Forner, of the Department of Stomatology. The awards, promoted by the Board of Trustees of the Universitat de València and the Valencian Department of Education, Culture and Sport of the Valencian Government, are aimed to acknowledge the teaching task of the professors of the educative public institution.

Leopoldo Forner is Doctor in Dentistry, Medicine and Surgery. He is a doctor specialised in Stomatology and author of different books specialised in dental science, such as “Tratamiento de los procesos odontodestructivos amplios” (Treatment of the wide odontodestructive processes) or “Atlas de Patología Dental” (Dental Pathology Atlas).

Concerning his research activity, Forner is author of more than 95 articles in scientific journals of national and international level, and he has received a dozen awards recognising this academic career.

He is also member of different scientific societies such as the Centre for Odontostomatologic Studies, the Spanish Association of Endodontics, the Spanish Society of Conservative Odontology, the Spanish Society for the Study of Odonatological Materials, the Valencian University Association of Tooth Whitening or the International Association for Dental Research.