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 The teaching activities will be developed, mainly, in the building known as Dental Clinics. This building consists of 5 floors distributed as follows:

  • Ground floor, with double access, reception, students' changing rooms (male and female, who have individual lockers with restricted access), a bathroom, a study room with 40 places, warehouse and the Department offices, Office of the Vice-Dean and Administration of the Dental Clinic. Also, in this floor there is the archive of medical records and the patient care service and the maintenance service too.
  • First floor, where the Medical-Surgical and Dental Hygienists Teaching Unit is located. The offices of this Teaching Unit, clinical surgery, periodontics clinic, laboratory of samples processing, a seminar room, Radiology service, in which there is the digital equipment for panoramic x-ray and Teleradiography and computed tomography of conical rays, and premises assigned to the cultural student association AVEO. There is also a rest room for the PAS, and two male and female toilets.
  • Second floor, there are 2 rooms for clinical practices, each one of them with 20 complete dental equipment and sterilisation and radiology units. On this floor there is a reception area and waiting room for patients. There are 2 male and one female toilets reserved for PAS with changing room function.
  • Third floor, here you can find two classrooms where the second cycle is taught. On this floor the teaching laboratory also is located, with 40 places for students and two tables for the professors, equipped with two work desks with suction, electronic engine, and an equipment of clinical simulation. In addition to this individual equipment, the laboratory has two fully protected intraoral X-ray units, 3 trimmers, water heaters, reveals cases for intraoral radiographs, plaster vibrators and fungible material needed for the development of practices. Besides all this, on this floor there is a laboratory of dental prostheses for technical use in dental prostheses of the staff, although almost all the dental work is sent to external laboratories. Likewise there are the postgraduate clinics of Orthodontics and Dental Implants. For the service of both, there is a reception and waiting room for patients. In this floor there is womens' toilet, other for men and one reserved as changing room for the PAS.
  • Fourth floor, on this floor there are the offices of the UD and PTD and Dental Prostheses, the postgraduate clinics of PTD and Pediatric Dentistry, a computer room with 12 computers with internet connection and a shared printer for students, also there is an experimental laboratory shared by professors and students, which has tensile test systems, reflective optical microscopes, thermal cycling,…On this floor there 2 women's and 2 men's toilets.
  • Fifth floor is intended to house the offices of the Teaching Units of Orthodontics, it has a seminar room of 30 seats, and a projector for presentations connected with a computer with internet connection located in a table with the possibility of connecting laptops or videos, etc.

We can summarise that the physical spaces for theoretical and practical teaching are adequate and sufficient, although you should take into account that such spaces are used for second cycle students.

The functional level of these facilities located in the Dental Clinics is generally adequate.

The safety of all the facilities is a constant concern for the management of the building. Currently this section is supervised by the relevant services in charge of safety of this University. Lately  the charge of the Delegate of occupational risks has been created. Following this pattern, all staff and students must follow a vaccination campaign against possible diseases by contagion such as Hepatitis C and Tetanus.

Another key topic in terms of facilities is its maintenance. It is evident that their use  by the students implies wear and tear and failures that should be communicated and attended by the appropriate technical staff. Only the cleaning and maintenance by the students can make that these facilities can be used for the next promotion of students. The centre dedicates an important budget for this maintenance, also having a technician experienced in these equipment and clinic facilities, who works in the mornings.
The Dental Clinics are located in the Blasco Ibañez Campus, just 50 metres from the sports facilities of the University, which are used by 61,4% of the students and which the 53,5% of them find satisfactory.



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