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In the third floor the building has a complete laboratory of practices for dental simulation.

As for the general clinics of the 2nd floor we must highlight that are divided into two rooms (clinic A and clinic B). Each one has 20 full dental equipments, a Radiology plumb room, 8 halogen lights, 5 waste disposals of amalgam capsules, a sterilization room composed of an additional autoclave with a capacity of 80 liters and a cuvette of ultrasonic cleaning. Also, each clinic has a trimmer, and a plaster vibrator, reveal cases of radiographs and 10 systems of ultrasonic cleaning.On the third floor of the building there is a full laboratory for practices of dental simulation.

As for the general clinics of the 2nd floor we should highlight that are divided in two rooms (clinic A and clinic B). Each one has 20 full dental equipments, a room of Radiology with two radiography equipments, and 8 halogen lights, 5 trimmers of amalgam capsules, one sterelisation room composed of one autoclave with 80 liter capacity and one cuvette of ultrasonic cleaning. Also each clinic has one additional autoclave of 21 liters. In addition, each clinic is equipped with a trimmer, plaster vibrator, revealing cases of radiographies and 10 systems of ultrasonic cleaning.

Regarding to systems equipment for teaching help as audiovisual media, etc. seems sufficient both in the clinics and in the laboratories.

Physical and safety conditions (flame resistant blankets, plumb cabinets, extractors, etc.) both of the laboratories and the general clinics are appropriate and from the Centre the necessary measures are taken for preventing any fault in this sense. The safety aspect of the facilities is covered by the Labour risks Prevention Service of the University of Valencia. 

Regarding to the computer infrastructure of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, this one has four computer rooms distributed as follows:

  • Three in the building of the Faculty of Medicine, one of them with 17 computers is of free access and two (room 2A and room 2B) with 15 and 20 computers respectively that are used as free access when they are not employed for practices with the professor. The timetable is from 8:00 to 15:00.
  • One located in the Dental Clinics building in the 4th floor with 12 computers and one laser printer with a timetable from 16:00 to 19:00, although in the practice is also open in the mornings. We should highlight that the general clinics and the laboratory of the third floor also have 44 connections to the computer network of the University of Valencia respectively. Moreover, the Dental Clinic has specific software both for the management of medical reports as well as warehouse management. We emphasize that a high percentage of economic resources in recent times has been used for promoting the computing structure for supporting teaching and administrative tasks.



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