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Programme code: 3158

Regulations: Royal Decree 99/2011

Knowledge branch: Sciences

Doctoral website:

Organised by:Department of Analytical Chemistry

Management Centre:Postgraduate School

Participating Universities:UVEG, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

Programme Coordinator:Dr Salvador Garrigues Mateo

Places available for new students:16 places

Aims: The aim of the doctoral programme in Experimental Techniques in Chemistry is to grant a high level of specialisation in the experimental techniques needed for chemical analysis and compound characterization, as well as in the synthesis of new materials, all of it done through training activities and the writing and defence of a doctoral thesis. This will allow the students to carry out basic research of high scientific content or applied research, whether they want to continue a professional path based on teaching or on the business sector, providing the knowledge and skills to use the experimental techniques in order to develop R&D&I and being able to join the labour market in specialised tasks within public organisms or private companies.

Description: The constant development of scientific instrumentation allows the constant development of a great number of experimental techniques, whose application allows providing a very detailed information on the composition of substances of the intrinsic characteristics of chemical compounds and their reactions as well as contributing to the development and characterization of new materials. These developments in experimental techniques allow to face new exigencies of the current Spanish society in the several scopes in which chemical analysis of compound is needed in the following scopes: quality control and security of the products managed within industries of all kinds (pottery, painting, plastics, toys, pharmaceutics and cosmetics, food, etc.), agroalimentary, environmental analysis, clinical analysis, etc. In particular, these constitute the main scopes in which the industrial and business tissue of our Valencian Community is based on.

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