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Description and characteristics

Interest of the Master's degree

The basic objective of the Master's Degree in Experimental Techniques in Chemistry is to provide students with a full training in knowledge and use of experimental training, needed for chemical analysis and characterisation of substances.

The competences that provide studies of the Master's degree will allows graduates the exercise of their professional work in a general sphere and will provide them with the necessary training to start their research work.

The Master's degree seeks mainly professional guidance, provided by its own experimental contents that allow the inmediate application to the business world.

At the same time, provides an initiation to research, both for its following application in the university sphere as in private companies or official bodies where he/she carries out his/her research career.


Foundamental characteristics of the Master's degree are:

  • The level of experimental training that provides is very high as all the subjects of the Master's degree are experimental with the only exception of the one devoted to the development of cross competences. 
  • The degree is official, which allows the price of public teaching and the request of the corresponding scholarships.
  • The studied techniques are applicable in all types of industries of the chemical sector or similar. Teachings are focused towards the different fields of  applied chemistry, such as: characterisation of compounds, environmental studies, industrial analysis and quality control in the chemistry industry and related, food analysis, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products analysis, clinical analysis, etc.
  • The Master's degree seeks mainly professional guidance, which provides its experimental contents that allow inmediate application to the business world, strenghtened by a Work Placement subject, that makes easier for students the practical application of competences that he/she acquires during the completion of the Master's degree, within company environment.
  • At the same time, the Master's degree seeks initiation to professional research, both for its later application in the university sphere as in the private companies and official bodies where he/she carries out his/her professional career. This initiation is carried out through the subject Master's Degree Final Project that appears in some of the research lines offered by the research groups that take part in the Master's degree and which prestige is recognised at a national and international level. For this reason, if they wish, graduates of the Master's degree that meet the requirements established in the current legislation, can produce directly its Doctoral Thesis joining directly the Research Stage of the Interuniversity Doctoral Programme in Experimental Techniques in Chemistry (UV and UPV) with an excellent training and having acquired the needed attitudes and skills for this. Likewise, graduates can join other doctoral programmes such as the Doctoral Programme in Chemistry (of he UV) or to others related with chemistry or related sciences both of the UV as well as of other universities.