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According to the Royal Decree 99/100, from 28 January, these complementary training will be compulsory for those students accessing with a Degree which lasted at least 300 credits, although the corresponding curriculum of the Degree which includes training complements in research, equal to the training value of the research credits proceding from the Master’s degree studies. In these cases, the students will have to take up to 20 training complement credits corresponding to the subjects in ADVANCED EXPERIMENTAL TECHNIQUE LABS AND INTEGRATED LAB FOR EXPERIMENTAL TECHNIQUES IN CHEMISTRY, which are included as training complements aimed at learning working methodologies different to the experimental techniques in Chemistry, and applying them to chemical analysis in different scopes of industrial, health or environmental interest with the objective of understanding the possibilities offered by the studied techniques and of knowing how to select the apropriate techniques and ways of work for an specific analytical problem. This activities will be complemented by taking several theoretical seminars.