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  • Euro 2016

    5 facts about sponsors at the European Championships

    5 july 2016

    Total attendances of 2.5 million, TV audiences averaging 200 million for every match… The European Football Championships have become a global phenomenon. Ten brands paid small fortunes to sponsor the event. How is the tournament shaping up for them?

  • Oslo

    EMAC 2016: Marketing in the age of data

    30 may 2016

    Last week Oslo held the Annual Conference of the European Marketing Academy, with over 1000 participants gathering to learn and discuss the evolution of market research in the age of data.

  • SEO

    Learn to Attract, not Attack: Inbound Marketing Conference

    20 may 2016

    The Inbounder is holding its first marketing conference the 19th and 20th of May at the City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia. But what should you know about the concept of inbound marketing?

  • Social Media

    Television Advertising: Does it Trigger Social Media Brand Engagement?

    21 march 2016

    The act of engaging is taking a much broader meaning in the digital era. Social media has placed brands a finger stroke away from their customers, with the traditional barriers of entry into advertising and self-promotion (namely high costs) quasi-permanently left open. The fight for brand engagement – here in the form of likes, shares/retweets or mentions – has thus become tighter than ever.