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Which is the iMBA’s student profile?

The Universitat de València is a part of the International Business School Alliance (IBSA), a programme between different universities that offers students an innovative education, based in the theoretical and empirical learning.

1 february 2017

The International Master’s Degree in Business Administration (iMBA) is demanding, therefore it is looking for people who are well-prepared and enthusiastic for the academic demands that it requires. The better qualified students for this programme are mainly those who have graduated in business management, economics, finances, tourism or engineering and have good English skills.

The characteristics that define the students of the International Master’s Degree in Business Administration are the diverse. They are ambitious, cosmopolitans and adventurers, since they have a huge interest in knowing other cultures and expand their horizons and communication perspectives. The iMBA’s students are ready to work hard and thus achieve any goal they set for themselves.

The students of the International Master’s Degree in Business Administration are young people who come from different parts of the world and have, at least, a year of professional experience.

  • What can expect a student who enrols in iMBA?

The students of the International Master’s Degree in Business Administration are looking for a high-quality education; they intend to improve their language skills and increase their sensibility with regard to cultural diversity; and, specially, to be able to improve their Curriculum Vitae.

To make this possible, we offer our students the opportunity of choosing between six specialisations in six different countries to design the most important academic year in their lives. This way, through specialisation, we provide them with the necessary skills and experience to be successful in the world of global business.

We follow this formula: 1 year: 2 years + 2 master’s degrees = a well-prepared IBSA graduate

Through the approach of the iMBA project, based in theoretical and empiric learning, the students prepare themselves to become international business professionals. Thanks to this, they will become a part of important interaction networks with our community of educators and business professionals.

If you think you could be a part of the iMBA, do not hesitate and pre-enrol now!