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Valencia Managerial Marketing Seminar

The impact of strategies when it comes to social networks and contents generated by users in business management were the most popular topics in the fourth edition of the Managerial Marketing Seminar (MaMaS)

28 march 2017

Last 6 March in the Faculty of Economics of the Universitat de València the fourth edition of the Managerial Marketing Seminar (MaMaS) was celebrated. The seminar took part in the International Master in Business Administration (iMBA) with the collaboration of the Department of Marketing and Market Research and focused on the strategies impact on social networks and contents generated by users in business management.

Professor Bill Rand

Specialised researchers in this subject, both national and international, shared his finds with all the attendants. The finds are useful both for the academic world and the future professionals who will work in the field of business marketing.

  • Professor Bill Rand from the North Carolina State University started the seminar with a presentation called “Brand Buzz in the Echoverse” and it was about the presence and dissemination of brands through online media.
  • Professor María Sicilia and her doctoral student Manuela López of the University of Murcia taught us what they have researched about bloggers, eWOM and the role of incentives.
  • The professors Enrique Bigné, Carla Ruiz and Rafael Currás of the Universitat de València presented us the results of their researches belonging to a project funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness about the impact of the informative and convincing content generated by users in TripAdvisor in the usefulness and increasing of eWOM as well as its effect on the standardisation of it.
  • Professor Inma Rodríguez-Ardura who belong to the teaching staff of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) and the University of Miami presented several results about the impact of different styles (narrative versus abstract) on the expression of negative eWOM.