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Deadline open for submission of proposals for permanent training activities for the first half of 2015

The Vice President of Training Policies and Quality Education has opened the deadline for submission of proposals for training activities for the first half of 2015. This is the organization of elective courses; complementary training activities aimed at contributing to the integral formation of students; and training activities aimed at promoting the external projection of the Universitat de València.

El moviment veïnal reuneix Grau, Calabuig, Ribó i Sanchis per parlar de València a la Universitat

Els partits polítics amb representació a la ciutat de València es reuneixen aquest dimarts, dia 27 de gener, al Centre Cultural La Nau per palar de la ciutat. ‘L’estat de la ciutat segons la seua ciutadania’ és el títol de la taula redona organitzada per la Federació d’Associacions de Veïns de València. L’acte començarà a les 19 hores en l’Aula Magna, amb entrada lliure fins completar la capacitat de la sala.

Frank Zappa.

Frank Zappa, at La Nau Cultural Centre of the Universitat de València

The Universitat de València will analyse the work of Frank Zappa and his influence in a lecture entitled “Música y política. Frank Zappa en la actualidad” (Music and politics. Frank Zappa at present). Several experts will discuss about the validity of one of the most famous composers of the 20th century in an event aimed to defend his film and musical legacy. This debate will take place on Monday 26 January at 18:00 in La Nau Cultural Centre, and it will be attended by the composer Julián Hernández, member of the band “Siniestro Total” and one of the most known disciples of the North American composer.


UV Events

All events


Combinando óptica y química para ver lo invisible (Optics and Chemistry Combination to View the Invisible)

Espai Ciència, OCCC: Ciclo Premios Nobel 2014. ( Espai Ciència, OCCC: Nobel Prizes 2014 series). Conferences that will recreate the lives and scientific findings of distinguished researchers in 2014 with a Nobel Prize.


Josefa Tolosa, Royal Academy of Veterinary Sciences of Spain Award 2014

The researcher Josefa Tolosa Chelós has received the Royal Academy of Veterinary Sciences of Spain Award 2014, from the CESFAC Foundation


Practical introduction to Visual Basic Applied (VBA) for Excel

Organised by the Chair for International Finance- Santander Bank


Business entrepreneurship and social economy

Open Web Registration Conference in Chiva


Technologies and Social Networks. Towards the required innovation

Open Web Registration Conference in Cofrentes


Aids for projects between research staff MCI VLC/CAMPUS and Companies

Call of the University of Valencia for aids for projects between research staff MCI VLC/CAMPUS and Companies. Delivery of requests: until 19th, february, 2015


Centro de Formación y Calidad Manuel Sanchis Guarner

Continuous training courses 2015 "Manuel Sanchis Guarner" Centre for Education and Quality opens the period for registration in the Continuous Training Plan 2015


Photography Exhibition "Geology: art and culture"

The exhibition is made on the occasion of the celebration of the "Sixth Geology Olympiad" sponsored by the Universitat de València, in collaboration with the AEPECT


European culture and founding: how to optimise the possibilities of your project

The access to the European funds is complex and it demands a good understanding of the priorities and methodologies designed by the European Commission. The deadline to enrol in this course is until the 2 of February.


Art Mediation: social action through art

Period to enrol in the course is open until 15 February


Chinese courses

Open Enrollment. You can enroll in the Chinese courses for the second semester.


Xavier Gómez i Font Linguistic Quality Awards

Xavier Gómez I Font for the linguistic quality of the Undergraduate Degrees and Master’s Degree final projects in Valencian and English.


Grants for activities that promote gender equality at the University

The purpose of this call is to provide aids for the organization of conferences, seminars and other public events to promote equality


Call for grants from the Office of the Vice-Principal for Research and Science Policy 2015

Resolution of 29 December 2014, calling for different types of aid to Research and approving the grants bases.


Satisfaction survey for graduates

Graduates have available survey questionnaires to show to what extent they are satisfied with the degree studied.


Subjects of sustainability

Opens registration for the subjects: Sustainability, Science and Technology and Sustainability, Culture and Education


Talleres d'Aula Oberta d'Escriptura Creativa

Registration opened until 15 February 2015


Registration for the training of student representatives

Attendance to this course is a requirement to obtain the academic recognition of representation and participation in the Universitat’s governing body.


Call for Feria-Concurso Experimenta 2015

Participants can conceive an experimental or technological project that highlights some physical principle or its application and present it


Gender relations

Open enrolment for 4 subjects of Gender Relations adapted to every branch of knowledge. Each of the subjects may be validated for 6 ECTS credits.


Course on safety and health at work (Online)

Semi-presential course addressed to the administrative and service staff (PAS) and to the teaching and research staff (PDI). This course will be taught in the three campuses of the UV.


Programme “Study at the Faculty of Economics”

Campaign to raise awareness on the Faculty of Economic’s training offer available for secondary education centers of the Valencian Province.


Scientific-Medical Collection of the University of Valencia. 2. Medicine and Society

Permanent exhibition of objects and instruments at the Faculty of Medicine


Medical-scientific collection of the University of Valencia 1. Science and society

It will be open to the public Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 20:00 in the exhibition hall of the Palau de Cerveró (Plaza Cisneros, 4, Valencia)


Introduction to multivariate statistical research using SPSS

Face-to-face course taught by Joaquin Aldás (UV) and aimed at PDI (Teaching and Research Staff). Days 12, 13, 19 and 26 January 2015.


Visita de Comisión de Evaluación Externa

Másteres. Del 28 al 30 de enero

Talleres d'Aula Oberta d'Escriptura Creativa

Registration opened until 15 February

XIX Information Sessions

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

+ Videos

Image of the cover of the video;Conferencia Rafael van Grieken 'Los cambios en la normativa de acreditación del profesorado'
Image of the cover of the video;Interview with neurologist Alvaro Pascual-Leone
Image of the cover of the video;Divulga 29.

Conferencia Rafael van Grieken 'Los cambios en la normativa de acreditación del profesorado'

Rafael van Grieken Salvador, director de la Agencia Nacional de Evaluación de la Calidad y Acreditación, (ANECA), ha impartido la conferencia Conferencia 'Los cambios en la normativa de acreditación del profesorado' en la Facultad de Economía de la Universitat de València.

Interview with neurologist Alvaro Pascual-Leone

We interviewed the prestigious Valencian neurologist Alvaro Pascual-Leone, who currently serves as professor at Harvard and research on noninvasive brain stimulation.

Divulga 29.

This week Divulga makes a journey through the evolution through the photographic exhibition Student Group Underwater Biology, Bioblau has organized. In addition, Professor Gemma Lluch helps us know if literary adaptations in cinema encourage reading.

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