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Portada d'InfoUniversitat 78.

Violència de gènere, ocupació i eixides professionals, el BEA, cooperació a Etiòpia... en Infouniversitat

Una entrevista a Laura Peris, del Bloc d'Estudiants Agermanats (BEA), sindicat guanyador de les recents eleccions al Claustre; Teresa Freixes i la seua visió jurídica de la violència de gènere a l'àmbit europeu; el Fòrum d'Ocupació de la Universitat de València; o l'anàlisi de la realitat mediàtica per part dels peridistes del diari El País ja jubilats Ignacio Carrión i Enric González. Són alguns dels temes del número 78 d'Infouniversitat .

'Lo quart', a l'exposició de Roís de Corella.

La Nau de la Universitat acull una exposició dedicada a Roís de Corella

La Universitat de València i l’Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua, en col·laboració amb la Biblioteca Valenciana Nicolau Primitiu, inauguren aquest dijous, 27 de novembre, al Centre Cultural La Nau, l’exposició ‘Roís de Corella. Fons de la Biblioteca Històrica de la Universitat de València’. La inauguració tindrà lloc, a les 18 hores, a la Sala Duc de Calàbria de l’edifici històric de la Universitat de València.

El rector, amb els premiats

El rector de la Universitat de València lliura els premis del concurs universitari GREEN IDEA 2014

La Universitat de València, a través de Campus Sostenible, ha premiat les millors idees presentades per alumnes i professors que ajuden a promoure accions de millora sostenible dins dels campus. El rector de la Universitat de València, Esteban Morcillo, ha lliurat els premis.


UV Events

All events


Classics at La Nau (Thursdays of the AVL)

The Gutenberg Galaxy. The Valencian incunabula. A transition culture?


‘Vision-Aus dem Leben der Hildegard von Bingen’

Science Week The cycle “Dones que trenquen barreres” (Women breaking down barriers) has been organised within the frame of the exhibition ‘Trencant barreres. Dones i ciència’ (Breaking down barriers. Women and sciences). Original Version with Spanish Subtitles.


Opening Session Year 2014-2015 Master's Degree in Business Strategy

Seminar organized by the Master's Degree in Business Strategy and collaborates the Chair for Family Business of the Universitat de València


Contempt for the employment policy in the territorial dimension

Seminar by Professor Josep V. Pitxer at the Faculty of Economics.


Regional Championship of University Sports (CADU)

Great derby between the UV and the UPV


Mathematical Routes in Valencia. Route 1

Science Week Students group tours through the streets, squares and parks of Valencia for seeing and appreciating the mathematics that are everywhere.


New challenges for the 21th century

Research seminar for doctoral students


Un últim aplaudiment

La Nau Theatre


9th Employment Forum of the UV

Companies from several business sectors come to this event interested on recruiting university personnel. They count with a stand to communicate with the assistants and some companies participate on a talk during the Forum. Pre-enrolment is not required. Free entrance


Teachers’ assessment survey

From 24 to 31 November, degree and master’s degree students can find surveys on the Virtual Office to assess their first term teachers.


Exhibition “Miscelànea Geográfica” by Joaquín Bérchez

Opening on 22 November at 13:00 in the Social Centre of Cortés de Pallás (Audiovisuals room).


Arbust Brossa. Leer y mirar Joan Brossa

Exhibition in the Faculty of Teacher Training


Course on safety and health at work (Online)

Semi-presential course addressed to the administrative and service staff (PAS) and to the teaching and research staff (PDI). This course will be taught in the three campuses of the UV.


Teachers of citizenship: Manuel Broseta, Ernest Lluch and Francisco Tomás y Valiente

Exhibition on the leading figure of the three professors


Programme “Study at the Faculty of Economics”

Campaign to raise awareness on the Faculty of Economic’s training offer available for secondary education centers of the Valencian Province.


Stanbrook, 1939. The republican exile to north África

Exhibiton on the feat of the Stanbrook in La Nau


25th Anniversary of the Class 1984-4989 and previous years of the Faculty of Economics

The meeting of this year is targeted to the graduates who completed their students in the years 1984-1989 and previous. The event will take place on 11 December 2014 at 19:00.


Incentives for the elaboration of teaching materials, theses and articles in Valencian language

Grants for the elaboration of teaching materials, doctoral theses and articles, addressed to the staff, research interns and doctoral students of the UV.


Scientific-Medical Collection of the University of Valencia. 2. Medicine and Society

Permanent exhibition of objects and instruments at the Faculty of Medicine


Medical-scientific collection of the University of Valencia 1. Science and society

It will be open to the public Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 20:00 in the exhibition hall of the Palau de Cerveró (Plaza Cisneros, 4, Valencia)


Encuestas de Evaluación del Profesorado

Hasta el 31 de diciembre

La Historia en construcción

Course. Facultad de Geografía e Historia

+ Videos

Image of the cover of the video;Interview with Adela Cortina. Professor of ethics
Image of the cover of the video;Divulga 26. Forest fires and injury of marijuana and tobacco
Image of the cover of the video;#Alumn@s. ViatjarEnElTemps

Interview with Adela Cortina. Professor of ethics

Adela Cortina, Professor of Ethics at the University of Valencia, has received the 2014 National Essay Prize for his work 'What is really meant ethics ?. The jury noted that the book "is correct in applying the rigor of philosophy to the questions of life."

Divulga 26. Forest fires and injury of marijuana and tobacco

With the summer around the corner the forest fire starts too, Artemi Cerdà, researcher and professor at the University explains the most natural part of the fire and at the section "mite i ciència" we talk about the harmful effects of two combustible drugs, tobacco and marijuana, what is worse for our bodies, the one that is... [Read more]

#Alumn@s. ViatjarEnElTemps

Following the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall , we asked to the students if they could travel in the time, where would like to go and change.

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