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Organisational structure of the University of Valencia

In accordance with its Statutes and as a public service, the Universitat de València teaches the necessary courses for the education of students, training to pursue professional or artistic activities and the achievement, where necessary, of the corresponding degrees, as well as lifelong learning from the University Staff and Faculty at all levels.

On top of that, the Universitat de València encourages the search of new knowledge, scientific and technological development, the evaluation of the results obtained by them, both in relation of basic research as well as applied, transferring research results to the production sectors, contributing to the technical progress and the economic and social development.

In the same way, with its own rationality and universality guarantee, the Universitat de València is an institution which spreads culture and science in society, making its access easier, improving and taking in intellectual and critical analysis activities in all the fields of culture and knowledge.

In order to fulfil all these functions and following its Statutes, the Universitat de València is organised, depending on the necessity, in departments, faculties, schools of engineering, halls of residence, and all those centres, services and units which are necessary to carry out their functions.

The departments are university bodies responsible in the organisation and development of research, teaching and any other university activities. These activities are related to an area of knowledge or a group of areas which are justified within the programme from a scientific perspective and under efficiency criteria.

The faculties and the School of Engineering are in charge of administrative management and the organisation of the university teachings leading to the obtaining of academic degrees, as well as the spread of culture. On their behalf, the university research institutes are centres which focus mainly on scientific and technical research, as well as artistic creation. They may also carry out teaching activities related to specialised education or doctoral courses, as well as provide technical expertise in the area of their competence.

The institutes of the Universitat de València research multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary study fields, just like the interdisciplinary research structures (ERIs).

The Botanical Garden and the Astronomic Observatory of the Universitat de València are two single centres in which research, teaching and cultural dissemination tasks are carried out in collaboration with the departments, centres or services that are naturally related to them.

The general services of the Universitat de València are functional units in charge of carrying out activities that are necessary for the fulfilment of the goals of the Universitat de València and that are not department or centre specific.

The halls of residence are university centres that, as part of the Universitat de València, provide high priority accommodation for the members of the university. They also promote human, culture and scientific training of its collegians, projecting its activity to the service of all the university community.