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According to current legislation and the statutes of the institution defined in Title 2, the University of Valencia is governed by the following central bodies:

  • The Senate
  • The Governing Council
  • The Principal
  • The Executive Council
  • Advisory Committees of the central bodies
  • The Board of Trustees

The government and representation of Faculties and Schools

The dean /the director

Deans are responsible for the management of Faculties, while directors are responsible for the management of Schools. Elected by the Faculty or School Board, they should be professors with with tenor in the University, and to formalise their candidacy they must be put forward by 10 percent of the members of the Faculty or School Board.

The dean or director appoints his staff from among the faculty staff or the school members of his office or management team. In some faculties or schools of the University a student is part of these teams, such as in the Executive Council of the University of Valencia as the representative delegate for students.

Faculty or School Board

It is the highest governing body of each faculty or school and is composed of representatives of the sections that make up the university community in the faculty or school: teaching and research staff (60%), students (72%), administrative and service staff (10%) and research fellows (3%).

Student Council

The highest representative body of a centre's body of students is the Student Council, which is a branch of the student council, to represent students from each faculty and school, composed of representatives elected by all undergraduate and graduate students, members of the Senate elected by the students of the faculty or school and the students elected members of the Faculty or School Board.

The government and representation of the research institutes

According to the Statutes of the University, research institutes owned by the University are composed of the following bodies:

  • Scientific Committee, which is the body responsible for proposing the general guidelines of the activities of the institute, for monitoring its progress and evaluating its results, and composed of a maximum of seven members, at least half of them not affiliated to the University and all of them renowned specialists in the field of activity of the institute, appointed by the Governing Council of the University at the proposal of the institute and upon a report of the  Board;
  • Institute Council: made up of a maximum of 40 members, in which all sections of the university community are represented, with 50% of representatives of publicly contracted teaching staff, 20% representing the rest of the PDI (teaching and research staff), 15% in representation of research fellows, 10% representing administrative and service staff and 5% in representation of doctoral students.
  • The director, who is elected by the Institute Council from among the PDI belonging to the institute, holds the title of doctor and assumes full-time dedication, and their candidacy has been put forward by 20% of the council members.

Student Council

The Statutes of the University, in title 4, chapter 2, establish the bodies of representation and participation of students in the institution, to channel the participation of student decisions on matters that concern them.

In the same way that there is an Student Council Branch (Asamblea De Representantes, ADR) of students in each faculty and school as the highest student representative body, the highest body representing the students of the University of Valencia is the Student Council, made up by a maximum of 200 representatives of students representing each faculty and school, as well by students who are members of the Senate.