• detall d'auditori

The competences of the Senate are as follows:

  1. To defend the personality and principles of the University of Valencia established in the preliminary title of these Statutes.
  2. To elaborate the Statutes and the modification of these, as well as redraft, if necessary, the texts initially approved.
  3. To approve and modify the regulations of the University of Valencia in the matters established by the Statutes.
  4. To approve and modify the elections to Senate and principal, after the report of the Statutes Committee.
  5. To establish the general criteria that the Governing Council must keep in mind for issuing reports on the creation, modification and closing of faculties, technical colleges or polytechnic schools, university schools, polytechnic universities and university research institutes of the University of Valencia, and on the affiliation of centres to it.
  6. To debate and, if necessary, to approve, the general objectives of the university policies that the principal must introduce the second semester of each calendar year.
  7. To debate and, if necessary, to approve the general lines of the proposal of the budget that the principal must introduce in the second semester of each calendar year, in a coordination with the objectives mentioned in the previous paragraph f).
  8. To debate the management report that, regarding the general objectives approved for an academic year and a budgetary year and attending to, if necessary, the approved budget, the principal must introduce in the second semester of each calendar year.
  9. To approve, if necessary, the management carried out by the principal, once debated the report mentioned in the paragraph h), as well as the management of the remaining government bodies of the University.
  10. To call, in exceptional cases, elections to the Office of the Principal, in accordance with what is established in the article 104 of these Statutes and with the effects that are established.
  11. To demand responsibilities to the people in charge or representatives that he/she chooses and, if necessary, to revoke them.
  12. To discuss and reach agreements on any proposal that is presented and, if necessary, to transfer them to the corresponding bodies.
  13. All those competences provided by these Statutes and other applicable dispositions.


The Senate is the highest representative body of the University of Valencia.

It is charged with the competences of regulation, resolution and control that it receives from the laws and Statutes.

The Senate is composed by: the principal, who presides it, the General Secretary, who fulfils the same role in the Senate, the general manager, and three hundred members chosen in accordance with the following distribution:

  1. One hundred fifty-three members of the doctor teaching staff and thirty-eight members of the non-publicly contracted staff or non-doctor teaching and research staff, chosen by all the teaching and research staff.
  2. Seventy-five members chosen by the students among themselves.
  3. Thirty members chosen by the administration and services staff and among themselves.
  4. Four members chosen by the research interns and among themselves.

The vice-principal and the vice-General Secretaries make up the Senate. They are entitled to speak but not to vote except if they are representatives in the Senate.

The Senate must be completely renewed every four years, except the representatives of the students, whose term of office is annual. Vacancies that occur in the aforementioned periods will be covered by the time being. The elections for the renewal of the Senate must be conducted during the first semester of the academic year.

The Senate must also be completely renewed in case of cessation of the principal in virtue of the reversal approved by the Senate and in the assumption foreseen in the article 103.1.b) of these Statutes.