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As you all know, we are living an extraordinary situation caused by COVID-19 global pandemic. Pursuant to the provisions lay down by the Spanish Government, the Valencian Government and the University of Valencia, we would like to inform you that UVdisability will continue to address your concerns by e-mail: 

  • updestudiantes@uv.es:  in order to request reports to your teachers and follow-ups.
  • upd@uv.es: in order to request adaptation of classes materials, assistance in exams, specialised computer programs and devices. 
  • uvdiscapacitat@uv.es: for any other general enquires. 

Please, be advised that in order to answer your requests and doubts you should write us from your personal uv.es e-mail account, not from your personal e-mail. 

Only in case of emergency, you could call us to +34 96 398 34 26 from 9am to 1pm.

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